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BONDEX (30 chewable tablet)

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Bondex is a high source of vitamins (D3, K) and minerals (Calcium, magnesium)

Bone Health

Healthy bones for future!


BONDEX 30 is a food supplement chewable tablets high source of vitamins (D3, K) and minerals (Calcium, magnesium)


Each chewable tablet contain:-

Calcium 600mg.

Vitamin k 60mcg.

Vitamin D3 400IU.

Magnesium 110mg.

Calcium helps to build bone& teeth.

Vitamin k2 (mk7): It activate osteocalcin protein in the bone matrix which is responsible for binding calcium to bone matrix.

Vitamin D3: helps calcium absorption from GIT.

Magnesium: is essential for absorption and metabolism of calcium &helps in keep bone strong.

Bondex is important for pregnant women to building bone of fetal.

It support bone strength in children.

It helps to quickly build bones especially after fractures.

It helps in treating symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

It reduces symptoms of vitamin K deficiency.


Dose: 1-2 tablet/day