Bonolight – بونولايت

أكياس بونولايت لالتهاب المفاصل ويمكن أن تساعد في هشاشة العظام.

Bonolight sachets For osteoarthritis and can help in osteoporosis.

435.00 ر.س - بدون الضريبة



Bono light sachets

For osteoarthritis and can help in osteoporosis

* Hydrolyzed collagen 9.250 gm collagen which build new cartilage

* Hydrolyzed by very smart technology to small peptides to accelerate absorption

* shark cartilage 750 mg pure source of collagen pure type 2 for cartilage , calcium and phosphorus which is essential for cartilage and bone formation

* Vitamin C 100 mg as vitamin C boost collagen synthesis

* turmeric dry extract 21.5 mg

* Potent anti-inflammatory and anti -oxidant

* Resveratrol 20 mg play important role in formation of new cells and new cartilage

* Sucralose 8 mg

All in one sachet