Femilind – فيميليند

قطرات جل قابلة للمضغ بنكهة الليمون والبرتقال.

FemilindChewable Gel Drops with lemon orange flavor.
Food Supplement

180.00 ر.س - بدون الضريبة




Vitamin K2 45 mcg for fixation of calcium on bones
Vitamin E 5mg potent anti oxidant
Vitamin D3 10mcg for absorption of calcium and for vit d3 deficiency
Vitamin A 600 mcg potent anti oxidant and for healthy eyes especially in
diabetic patients
Fish oil 428 mg ,total omega 3 257mg ,DHA 86 mg ,EPA 128 mg for
healthy vascular system and synergism action with statins and less side


boost immunity and good health ,In cardiovascular diseases
because it decrease LDL and harmful cholesterol
In vitamin D deficiency
Also for diabetic patients
Antioxidant and anti aging

Dose: once or twice daily