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Hemo Guard Cream


Hemo Guard Cream for treatment of hemorrhoid and for anal fissures.

Hemo Guard Cream


Hemo Guard Cream as it contains very potent ingredients

* Hamamelis extract which have powerful astringent effect and anti- bacterial effect

*Rescues extract supportive for hemorrhoid complains such as heaviness, itching and inflammation

*Aloe. Vera extract with anti- microbial effect with analgesic and soothing action

*Proplis Sera has anti -microbial effect with heal wounds

*Anthems mobilis with anti- microbial and anti- inflammatory effect

*Menthe piperta with analgesic effect

*Stearic acid as surfactant and lubricant

*Castor oil emollient

*Olive oil moisturizer

*Vitamin E potent antioxidant

All in one cream Hemo guard!

– Dose used 3 times per day