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Kids Guard


 Kids guard shampoo, Keep the hair clean!

Kids Guard

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Kids Guard for diaper rash and soothing effect, anti- inflammatory and protect the baby skin from damage.

As it contains:-
1-Sesame oil as anti-inflammatory and potent in skin healing and absorb heat sensation
2-Neem oil potent anti- fungal and anti- bacterial effect also anti- inflammatory effect
3-Chamomile extract anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
4-Cetrimide is anti-septic
5-Zinc oxide widely used for diaper rash and protect skin from damage
6-Dex Panthenol soothing and softener and also moisturizer effect
7-Olive oil as powerful antioxidant oil and moisturizer
8-Castor oil anti-inflammatory effect.

– Dose used 5 times daily