Mom Chocolate Extra (30 pieces)

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Mom Chocolate Extra (30 pieces)


 Mom chocolate is a chocolate nutritional supplement high in calcium, vitamin K and vitamin D, flavored with natural milk chocolate with natural sweetener cane sugar.


Mom Chocolate Extra


Mom Chocolate Extra (30 pieces)

Composition :

– It is used as CA supplement
– In pregnancy and osteoporosis and all calcium defects
– Calcium 600 mg Elemental CA which is the recommended dose of CA
– Vitamin d3 400 IU to absorb CA from intestine to circulation
– Vitamin k2 (mk7) to fix calcium on bones by activation of osteocalcin protein
-So mom chocolate extra ensure maximum absorption of calcium and fix it on bones
– And complete circle of Vitamin D3 deficiency.

Indication : for healthy bones and teeth 

In pregnancy and lactation

For children and adults with palatable taste easily taken as chocolate.

Made in USA 

Dosage form : chewable bars


Dose : once daily