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Nutro Guard


Nutro guard massage gel for relief muscle pain, anti- rheumatic anti inflammatory.

Nutro Guard

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Nutro Guard Massage Gel Used for relief muscle pain, anti- rheumatic anti inflammatory

– Reduce swelling

– Relief joint pain

– Relief pain from bruises, sprain, muscle aches and rheumatic pain

Nutro guard contain:-
1-Ostrish oil potent anti- inflammatory because it contains high concentration of omega3
2-arnica used to reduce swelling
3-Thymol anti- inflammatory and reduce pain
4-camphor oil give cooling effect and slight local anathesia and has anti rheumatic effect
5-eucalyptus oil potent anti- inflammatory and analgesic
6-menthol topical analgesic and reduce pain
7-almond oil is potent massage oil which give analgesic and relaxation effect

– Dose used as massage gel 3 to 4 times daily