Smarty soft gel candies (60PCS)

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Smarty soft gel candies (60PCS)


Smarty soft gel candies, A Jelly candy helps prevent preeclampsia, balancing the normal weight of the baby, and improve the mood of the mother.




Smarty soft gel candies
Omega 3 – 600mg
Contain 282 mg DHA and 60 mg EPA

For children and geriatric

– to improve memory and good mood
– to provide healthy eye sight
– It is used to boost immunity
– used for pregnancy to prevent preclamcia and for normal baby weight and improving mother mood
– It is used for cardiovascular diseases

As it reduces LDL and increase HDL
Reduce triglycerides
Prevent plaque formation
Used with statins with synergism effect and reduce its side effect.

– Dose used once daily