VITAFERRIN – Oral Spray (30ml)

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VITAFERRIN – Oral Spray (30ml)

130.00 ر.س

VITAFERRIN – Natural Orange Flavor, A nutritional supplement, spray spray with natural orange flavor, to increase immunity and its antiviral effect.


Active ingredient (Amount per 12 sprays (1.5 ml))

– Lactoferrin (50mg)

– Vitamin C (80mg)

– Vitamin D (10mcg=400 IU)


– Pregnant & lactating women for increasing the absorption of iron.

– Old age patients for increasing absorption of iron & for enhance immunity.

– Children for treating iron deficiency anemia.

– Covid-19 for its antiviral effect & for enhance immunity.


Children: 1.5ml / twice daily.

Adult: 1.5ml/ three times per day.

– Apply directly in the mouth and repeat throughout the day.